Adding glissando to grace note causes score to crash/close...

• Mar 26, 2024 - 02:04

I've run into something that's not happened before - I added a grace note to an existing note, and then tried adding a glissando to the grace note, and my song crashed. Has anyone else run into this issue, or is there a known work-around? Thanks.


It seems (after a quick search) that a such issue is not reported on Github.
EDIT: I cannot reproduce from scratch (version 4.2.1) - image below. So please attach your score (or an excerpt showing the problem) for further investigation.


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This is what I'm going after. I messed around with it a little more and tried adding a slide in below on the eighth notes, and it worked. Before, I was trying to slide out up on the grace notes, which caused the crash. To me, this is a simple solution - to just switch the notes that get the glissando. However, I can still post this over on github if need be.

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Sorry, I'm trying different things by moving the glissando as you say, I quote ("I was trying to slide out up on the grace notes") and nothing is happening here.
Does this happen on a score created from scratch (have you try?), or on an existing score/your actual score (in which case, the cause could be something specific to that score) ?

In any case, it's not useful or advisable at the moment to post on Github. We need FIRST to be able to reproduce every time. So please 1. attach the score in question, or a relevant extract and 2. Detail the precise steps, one after the other, leading to this crash.

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I was able to recreate this in a new score. Here's what I did:
1) Create New Score, Solo, Guitar with TAB.
2) Insert notes as shown in previous jpg. There are two parts: the C-quarter is Part 2; the G-eighth, E-eighth, and D-eighth are Part 1.
3) Insert 16th Grace notes for the G and E.
4) If you add a glissando (Slide out up) to the G and E of the Part 1 grace notes, without moving them, they work fine. However, if you move either of them, even a half-step, the score crashes once you try to add a glissando. I tried this with one other Glissando type (Slide in above) and got the same result.

Please let me know if I need to add more. Thanks.

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Ok, I can reproduce now
More simply, the necessary conditions are:
- Two linked staves, e.g. Guitar + TAB staff (the tablature itself is not the problem, but the LINK)
- The appoggiaturas (or accacciatura) must NOT be at the same pitch as the main note, otherwise no crash. A tone or semitone above or below is enough to cause a crash.
So this scenario crashes MuseScore when adding a symbol (eg Slide in above) to the grace note - image below. And only with the symbols circled in red in the palette: Fall/Doit/Plop/Scoop/Slide out down/Slide out up/Slide in above/Slide in below

test file.jpg

You can now report this issue on Github :)
Then please post the link here.

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