Exporting MusicXML and MIDI doesn't auto-populate with files name?

• Apr 1, 2024 - 17:19

Again, I am a Finale convert. Whatever I save the file as in Finale gets this used as default in MS4. I thought that maybe I needed to get fancy and add this info to the project properties - that didn't work (at least not from doing that post making the file). So, what gives? I know it's just 3 extra clicks (ar at worst typing the entire title!!!!!🤯) but that small nuisance piles up for me. Any chance this can please get fixed? Pretty please, cherries on top lol 😂


Not sure what "Whatever I save the file as in Finale gets this used as default in MS4" means. Did you go to File>Save as?

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In Finale, if I go to export the XML or MIDI the file gets named according to its saved Finale file name. Do this in Musescore and you will get a random string. Please see screenshot below (pardon my laziness): Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 4.56.22 PM.png

My thoughts are that the "Untitled Score" is coming from the lack of title in Musescore project metadata. I think I saw that in some MS video recently. However, I added a title and subtitle today and it still didn't fix it. Bug maybe? 🤔

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A new score is "Untitled" until it gets saved with a title. In other words, if I start a new score and after some work in it, I go to save it, it will show up as "Untitled" in the save window. Much like you show. There I can name it. If I don't name it, it remains "Untitled" until I later name it. If I re-open it, it should have the name I gave it. And have the same name when I save or export it.
Is this not what you are seeing?

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There might be a bug if you don't save the title at the beginning or something. Like I said, I added a title, subtitle and composer yesterday (which I NEVER do) and it didn't fix it. I then added this same info in the "Project Properties" and it still didn't fix it, so I deleted them and just said "screw it". There's a chance it might have worked after a save, close and open - maybe cache related? 🤔🤔

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What are your thoughts on this?
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 4.32.32 PM.png
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open from my "online saved scores"
2. Export MIDI

The export dialog box shown shows "Untitled" although the piece is in fact named from my online scores. Maybe that is the issue? 🤔 Is there anything I can give you that would make this more helpful?

Best 😊

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I write for playback. So I don't formally title my pieces with a title page or on the first page. I give them a title when I save them the first time. I notice that the "Project properties" pages for all my pieces are blank. Even if I fill it in, it has no effect on my score. Maybe it's a bug, or maybe it's just the way the software works.

Do you have a particular need for that page?

I also never save anything online. Only on my SSD or a backup drive. So I can't test that part for you.

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