2 sugestions for the future updates

• Apr 2, 2024 - 08:47

I will start by stating that i love the new Musescore 4 and convinced me to completely switch from my old Sibelius 7. However, i would make 2 suggestions that will improve my workflow.

  1. It would be nice if there will be an option to turn on a math notebook grid in order to manually arrange the symbols (dynamics, fingerings, etc.) in an organized way, so the dynamics line will be straight.

  2. I write sometimes contemporary music using weird notation, random lines and boxes. In order to do this, I write the score in Musescore/Sibelius, export the .svg file and edit it in Inkscape in order to add the desired shapes (boxes, lines, graphs). However, sometimes I have to go back to the score file to correct only a note, and then I have to do all the work again in Inkscape for the entire page. It would be nice if there will be a separate layer/tab in the software that will allow me to edit the score as i do it in Inkscape.

This is my first post here and I would like to thank to all the developers for the great job they did.


Instead of eyeballing things to a grid, it is much easier to just use the offset fields to set a consistent position for the elements you wish to align. Or use the Align plugin to do this automatically.

Regarding the second point, it isn't clear what you mean. Did you mean to say you import an SVG from Inkscape into MuseScore? That would be by far the more usual way to work with graphics. Not sure why'd you'd resort to doing it the other way around, or how you would envision this "separate layer/tab" working.

I've done some musescore via svg to inkscape myself, and if I remember correctly, you should get all the different noteheads/stems/etc as separate objects in inkscape - so why don't just edit it directly in inkscape, rather than going over the whole process again?

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