Splitting staves for vocals

• Apr 2, 2024 - 20:29

I cannot seem to find how to do this:

I want to split an instrument into two parts where instrument names would also appear different, as well as arrows indicating the change would appear. Example attached.

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  1. You need three separate vocal staves: Soprano+Alto, Soprano, Alto.
  2. At the end of the system where the Soprano+Alto is about to split into two separate staves, select the barline at the system end and insert a Staff divide arrows symbol . Find it on the Master palette (Symbols section) by searching for "arrow". Adjust its Y-offset to position it correctly.
  3. Enter notes in the correct stave:

- measures 37-40 in Soprano+Alto
- measures 42 onwards in Soprano stave and Alto stave
4. When all note entry is complete, choose menu path:
Format > Style... > Score > Hide empty staves within systems (enable)
and perhaps:
Format > Style... > Score > Don't hide empty staves in first system (disable)

Handbook "Showing staves only where needed":

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