MS 4 on MacOS Sonoma - Copyright line in the footer gone

• Apr 2, 2024 - 22:23


finally i found out how to create footers with a copyright line. But fatally the line is gone after exporting to PDF.
This happens ONLY when I create the PDF with the EXPORT function of MS. Creating PDF via MacOS shows the copyright line!

Seems to be a program bug or a problem with the page format when using A4 ...


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I downloaded the score (.mscz) and generated a PDF in Mu4 with File > Export... > PDF.
The copyright shows up correctly in the footer on page 1, see attached PDF.

The following may be irrelevant, but I'll mention it anyway.
I noticed the other day that the copy of Adobe Acrobat on a computer in our public library always defaults to Letter format - although I'm based in the UK where A4 is the standard paper size. Now Letter format is only 279.40mm in height whereas A4 is 297mm in height, and that difference might cut off the copyright text?

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