[Musescore 4.2.1] English horn part will not play G5 (C5 concert)

• Apr 4, 2024 - 04:23

As the title says, I was editing the main score on a piece tonight and the English horn will not play G5 during playback and instead plays A5 (D5 concert). The issue is between measures 10-12. I tried reopening and even deleting the file and re-entering all the notes. The issue still occurs. I would appreciate any help as I can't find anything similar through search in the forums.

OS: Windows 11 23H2
Musescore version:
Revision: d757433

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Hmm, are you talking about the G5 on beat 3 of measure 11? It plays as expected for me. Are you perhaps using some third-party VST instrument or soundfont?

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All G5s from measure 11-13 are all played as A6 for me. I'm using the English Horn provided by MuseSounds and it hasn't given me this issue before. I tried exporting a wav file to upload here which isn't allowed, but that also played the incorrect notes. However, the midi file does play the correct notes. I might just need to completely reinstall Musescore because it seems to be more and more problem-laden recently.

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