Musescore is playing wrong notes

• Apr 6, 2024 - 19:53

I don't know if I clicked something wrong, but now every note and chord is played on the 5th note. For example, in the score when there is a note C, the sound is G. And it's a global setting, because all my old files are playing that way now. How to fix it?
Video with the example:


it's playing correctly in my MS 4. cross checked with my tuning app - all playing the correct notes. so maybe something got switched on your instrument setup or sound settings.

Hey guys, I just figured out that if I use my external sound card, the score is played well.
But if I change to the internal sound card, the pitch is changed and the speed is increased a lot.

I have prepared a video demonstrating this very weird issue:

Do you have tips on this? Maybe a bug on MS4?

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