Dynamics affect both staves on the piano, how can I make a dynamic only effect the treble clef or vice versa?

• Apr 7, 2024 - 12:52

In the attached score there is a Piano with two staves (a grand stave; treble clef and bass clef). The treble clef has a mp dynamic mark whilst the bass clef has a pp dynamic mark. However, only one dynamic (usually the one I placed last) will work, and affect the whole grand stave.

How can the two dynamics work individually, each affecting the two different staves?
Please see attached file.


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In MuS 3 you could set the dynamic marks range to three possible values: Staff, Part and System.
If it is set there to 'Staff' they are interpreted different.

But I am not sure if this is supported in MuS 4 too, at least it wasn't in the early versions. (I don't use it.).
An other possibility is to use two pianos, e.g. two instruments and remove in the first the bass staff and in the second the treble staff. Then it should be also possible in MuS 4.

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MuS 4 still can't do that? In my opinion, this should be a high priority.

Even if the sound is only a very useful and also important option for a music notation program, a lot of emphasis was placed on realistic instrument playback, especially in MuS 4. Then this is a must!

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Personally, this is not important to me either - I don't play the piano. My horn can only ever play one note with the corresponding dynamics. And you can notate it for the music sheet, no problem either. But for a music notation program that attaches great importance to lifelike reproduction, it's a must!
My opinion!

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