Adding a Line for Guitar No.2 [Solved]

• Apr 10, 2024 - 12:59

Starting to find my way in MS 4.4.1 after having used version 2.3.2 for many many years.....
I am stuck with trying to add a Line above a measure of Guitar No.2 in a piece for 2 Guitars.
But whatever I try, MS 4.4.1 puts that line above the same measure for Guiar No.1 and refuses to place
it where I want it. I am certainly doing something wrong but what is it?
Could not find a solution in the 4.4 handbook.
By the way: is there a PRINTED version of this book? I hate to read texts from the monitor of my
I am using an AppImage and running PCLinuxOS KDE5 as O.S.

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Try this...
Click into an empty spot of the Guitar 2 measure (to select the whole measure) and then click the 'Line' in the palette. (Don't drag it.)
Use a 'Staff' line to place on the second staff; then, in the Properties panel, eliminate the end hook (under the 'Style' tab) and the word 'Staff' (under the 'Text' tab).

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