Scrolling is jumpy in the Pallettes panel

• Apr 13, 2024 - 11:36

Scrolling can often be very jumpy in the Pallettes panel, making it difficult to get to the right thing on the first (or second) scroll. Scrolling in the Pallettes panel (and potentially in other panels too) seems to be controlled and customized by the app. This is often not advised as the way scrolling works can change wildly from device to device, and the user is more familiar with their device's default scrolling behavior.

In the attached screen recording (remove the .zip extension), I'm using my computer's trackpad. I am scrolling fairly consistently and not fast, and always keeping my fingers on the trackpad (no flicking). Above a certain speed (which is quite slow), the panel will start to jump.

Attachment Size
Recording 2024-04-13 3.68 MB

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