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• Apr 20, 2024 - 04:05

HI, I have a corrupted file, all the timing and length of bars is off. Notes missing etc. I used the musescore conversion tool from pdf to musescore file. Musecore can open the file but it's half wrong. I cannot get the repair plugin as Musescore 4.2 doesn't seem to recognise it. I tried manually changing everything. Got half way and lost all the work. Can anyone help please? Thanks.

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And when I play it back (with the corrected notes) it seems to play a whole load of other notes not on the screen as well.

Conversion from PDF only works quite well in rare cases. If some elements are not recognized, this leads to incorrect measure lengths. Especially if the template is not perfect. The various changes to the time signature can also cause additional problems.
You can see that several measures have a small '+' or '-' sign in light gray. This indicates that the measure is too long or too short. You must therefore compare each measure with the template and correct such errors.
It is usually easiest to insert an additional measure, rewrite the wrong one there and then delete the broken one.
As I do not know the original, I can only give this general advice.
In order not to lose the previous correction work, often save it under a new name.

By the way: This is not a question for the "Plugins" forum section.

The pdf to MS is on no way perfect and the conversion quality also depends e.g. pdf quality, complexity etc.

My experience is that it's better to use the Audiveris stand alone version. In doing so, you have the option to manually edit the recognised music prior to opening the file in MS. It's at least much easier to edit the music that way than making the corrections in MS.

Still, the conversion is not perfect and may never be so it could be a lot of work and for speedy MuseScore users, it may be faster to write the music from scratch in MuseScore.

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