Installation error of version 3.6.2 under Ubuntu 24.04

• Apr 28, 2024 - 23:47

Musescore 3.6.2 fails to install properly from the App Centre under Ubuntu 24.04. The installation appears to end but MuseScore fails to open. Installation works perfectly well under Ubuntu 23.10 so this must be an early bug in the latest LTS version of Ubuntu.


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The latest 4x release doesn’t work on the Raspberry Pi processor which is ARM. That is the reason for choosing v.3.6.2. The 4x release works perfectly on Ubuntu 24.04 running under an AMD processor. If MuseScore get around to releasing 4x suitable for the ARM processor, I will be pleased to give it a go.

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Thanks for your advice. I have now successfully installed v 4.2 using Ubuntu’s Software app that installs it via flatpak. It obviously picked up the correct ARM version.
I have used v 4 on an AMD laptop and am pleased to have it on the RPi 5 setup under the new Ubuntu 24.04 (LTS). All good. 😊

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