Is there a way to delete a failed score? All I want to do is get rid of projects I no longer want to keep.

• May 1, 2024 - 20:09

I have messed up numerous scores. I just want to try again but I cannot figure out how to delete these prior projects, And I don't want to keep thinking of new titles for each failed attempt.


Depends on what you mean.

If you want to delete the files you created, simply browse to the folder you saved them in (using File Explorer for Windows or Finder for Mac) and delete the files as you would any other type of file. Note that this will not remove the entry from the 'Recent scores' list in MuS.

If you want to clear out that 'Recent scores' list in MuseScore, most versions (???) have an option to "Clear list" or "Clean list" or "Reset list" at the very bottom of the list on the menu. Click on File / Open recent and slide all the way down the list to the bottom. If you have the option there to "Clear list" or "Clean list" or "Reset list", click it and the entire list will be deleted. (I'm not sure how it's labeled because my version doesn't have it :-D

If that entry on the Open recent list is not present for you, or if you wish to remove only specific entries from your list, see the Forum thread titled "Delete old songs from library" ( One of my entries there talks about the file to find and modify (or delete) to change that list manually.

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