Vertical frame or Line break

• Oct 11, 2014 - 09:02

Hello, this is my first post in the forum. I started using MuseScore a week ago. I read the handbook, but it was helpless.

I don't know the differences between a "Vertical frame" and a "Line break". The only difference I can tell is that if I have bar X follow by bar Y and I need them to be in consecutive lines, I can drag the "Line break" to bar X or select bar Y and insert a "vertical frame". Also I know I can add text to a Frame.
Aesthetically they look pretty much the same. Is it different in any aspect? Do they sound the same when using the Playback option?
In which case should I use line break? In which not?
In which case should I use vertical frame? In which not?

I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!


A vertical frame causes a line break as a side effect, in contrast to a plain line break it can get changed in height (a spacer could do that too) and get filled with text.
If you don't have any special needs, stick with line breaks.
In 1.x I sometimes use vertical frames for formatting, because of a bug in connection with 'hide empty staves', where the spacer doesn't work. 2.0 beta 1 has this fixed.

To be clear - a vertcial frame and line break both produce line breaks, but they should otherwise look nothing alike. With a line break, the distance from the previous system to the next will be exactly the same as it is for all other systems. For a vertical frame, there should be extras space added as well - shown by a box that you can resize to add as much or little extra space as you want.

So, use a line break when you want a line break only, like I am
doing every
couple of
words here

Use a vertical frame when you want

a whole bunch of extra space

as well as

the actual line break

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