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• May 3, 2024 - 11:36

I have accidentally/carelessly deleted my tpt 1 tab. I have managed to get it back via the PARTS icon, But the tpt 1 tab is now at the far right of all the tabs and not with the other tpt tabs. How do I drag it to its "correct" position.
As an aside, it would have been nice if the programme had given me the option of cancelling my "delete".

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Thank you but as I've already formatted all the parts ready for printing so I'd rather not delete 17 parts and then reformat. I'm sure there must be a way to move the TAB..... someone must know! It seems to be possible to alter just about everything in MS4. Moving a Tab ought to be easy(?)

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Yes, it is probably easy to implement, but it seems that this has not been done. Make a feature request on GitHub.
But if you've prepared everything for a proper printout anyway, what's the problem that this one tab is now in a different place on your screen?

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