Sound Flags and Staff Text

• May 11, 2024 - 01:42

Sound Flags have arrived in MuseScore Studio 4.3 for the betterment of sound playback.

But now, when selected, it appears that any Staff Text object shows a speaker icon. Also any newly added Staff Text (via Control/Command t) shows the speaker icon immediately at inception and on selection.

I had envisioned that the Staff Text's sound flag capability might be enabled via a "sound flag" checkbox in the Properties panel—and that MuseScore would have a unique sound flag Staff Text palette item that would simultaneously add the Staff Text and enable its sound flag property— thus allowing users to add regular Staff Text objects without the potentially irrelevant speaker icon baggage.

MuseScore Handbook entry on Sound Flags


Hi scorster! You can hide the sound flag button from showing up every time you add staff text. First, make sure nothing is selected in the score. Then, in Properties under the 'Show' section, there's a new visibility toggle to hide sound flags.

This will also hide the sound flag buttons on staff text elements with sound flags applied to them, though the button will show up when the staff text is selected.

If you've hidden sound flags, you can press Alt + Left arrow on Windows (Opt + Left arrow on Mac) when staff text is selected to bring up the sound flag popup. This is the "Select previous element in score" action, in case you've customized your shortcuts.

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