Playback Bugs

• May 16, 2024 - 03:51

So I just downloaded the 4.3 update today, and some of the features aren't working right.
1) The first time I opened Musescore after the update, I tried experimenting with the Soundflags feature, but with most instruments I tried, it said that there were no soundflag options for that instrument, which I know isn't true since there were specific examples in the launch notes using that same instrument. I primarily work with choir, piano, and strings, and piano was the only instrument that had any options, and even then I couldn't hear any difference in the audio. After restarting both my computer and Musescore, there were more soundflag options and most instruments I tried worked, but there were still some options missing. How can I make sure all the soundflag features load in correctly?
2) This has been happening for a while, but the "Women" and "Full Choir" sounds have been kind of buggy for me. "Full Choir" doesn't play any audio at all, and "Women" only plays all notes in range from G4 and down; A4 and up doesn't play anything. Can someone help me get these instruments to play correctly?


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