MS 4.3 How to write stacked chords

• May 16, 2024 - 14:45

With MS4 I can't write the above agreement (attached):
shouldn't I get it by setting the chord signature to custom and inserting the chord_stacked.xml file here? ...but I don't know where to get this file.
I hope someone will give me the solution.
Sorry for my English but I don't know the language.
Thank you.

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Thank you very much, Shoichi.

I tried to give Claudio Riffero a hint where he can find the file.
And I already tried to use this file for a simple test and it worked.
I don't think I need more details in this matter, because I don't need the chord spellings.
And: especially not in Italian, which I don't understand at all :-).

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My successful attempt was with version 3.7 with the examples from Marc Sabatella.

I have only found the place for you where Marc had attached this file. And, I suspect he was still using version 3.6.2 at the time.
He also gave instructions on how to use it:
You need to use the parens, and the 9 part has to come before the 5 part, or for both ninths or both fifths, the sharp has to come first (rationale as per Brandt/Roemer, higher pitch on top).
Maybe it only works with 9 & 5 and not with 9 & 13. I don't know, but it looks like it. See my results:

Wasn't there a better version to be found among Shoichi's links?

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