can't open score (corrupted?)

• May 17, 2024 - 05:00

Was messing around with Guitar Rig Pro 6 vst for my bass guitar. That's the main thing I think might've messed up my score. MuseScore suddenly crashed, and when I tried opening that project, MuseScore crashed every time.
I tried restarting computer, reinstalling MuseScore, opening in MuseScore 3 (it opened but was just blank, like it didn't fully load), tried opening on my other computer.

I also was accidentally inputting a bunch of notes to the score on my bass part when I thought I was just fiddling around with the VST. maybe that contributed to the problem.

Lost around 3 days of work. Very frustrated.
Would appreciate if anyone could figure out why it's corrupted, fix it, maybe teach me how to prevent it next time.

Also, I'm new to this type of thing. Let me know if my file upload needs to be better somehow.

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Glorious Kings Kaleidoscope - 1.57 MB


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