Note entry breaks

• Dec 2, 2009 - 07:51

OS: Windows XP, Rev: 2205:2269
Open the demo file "promenade"
Select the last measure and append 99 measures.
Replace double bar line at end of the promenade.
Begin "The Gnome" by selecting the next measure and inserting a vertical frame, then inserting a horizontal frame.
Change both clefs to bass cleff, keys to 6 flats, and time to 3/4
Insert tempo text "Sempre vivo" and set to 170 BPM.
Try to enter notes ([N],[4],[C])
Expected: an eighth-note would be entered on a C-flat
Result: An eighth-note is entered on the highest G-natural regardless of which note is entered by the user--mouse or keyboard. I'm guessing that this is midi note number 128?

Also: If none of the above is done other than changing the key to 6 flats, C-natural is entered instead of C-flat when [C] is pressed on the keyboard. Pressing the down arrow key only changes it to a B-natural.

Extra credit: The beams on the 8th notes got messed up somehow when I changed the cleff to bass and the time to 3/4.

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I could reproduce the bug in r.2205:2269 prerelease with any score starting in Cb major. The bug appears to be fixed in the latest nightly (r. 2414, Windows XP). However in order to fix the file you attached you have to re-drag a Gb major key signature to the beginning of "The Gnome" to get rid of the corruption.

I didn't notice anything wrong with the eighth-note beams in either version.

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