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• May 18, 2024 - 06:53

I paid my price, I got one musescore credit, I download an official file...

I wanted a MSCZ file so that I could transpose to the range of my instrument, change score properties to my instrument, create a mp3 file, etc....

The ONLY choice I got was to download a PDF. I did download that PDF thinking that MAYBE Musescore (3 or 4) could read a PDF.

I was promised full digital access...

I paid for for it and I didn't get what I wanted. I want a refund so how do I get in contact with

Thanks, CM


Both MuS 3 and 4 can import PDF files.

Click File / Import PDF. It will take you to Click to Select PDF. Browse to the file on your hard drive and click to Open. Fill in the Title field (required) and any of the other fields you want to, then click to Save. The conversion can take a while, but usually it finishes in just a few seconds. The webpage will announce that your file was converted successfully or not. If it was converted successfully, you will have a Download link. Click it and do whatever clean-up it might need.

PDF files you get from will probably be in decent shape to be converted. However, if they have unusual formatting, or lots of text, they may not convert successfully. I've been told that you may have better results using a program called audiveris (did I spell that right?) locally on your computer. This program is what the webpage uses, but if you run it locally, you can fix many problems before they make the conversion fail. (No promises: I've never used this program, only heard about it from others here.)

See the following information regarding If you decide to try to end your subscription, probably the last link will be the most useful.

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Yes, thanks, I am aware of import PDF. When I do that I loose everything, lyrics, time signature, repeats, Codas and so on...

That is not "Full digital access...".

When I "Pay" for something, I expect "Full" service, not a "poor mans" work-around.

Thus is not right and not adequate..

So, thanks for your rely, and again I ask how do I get to and request a refund?


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Been there, smoked that, got the t-shirt, Courtney. You would think that I would know by now not to write posts when I'm feeling frustrated, but it still happens to me all the time. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one.

By the way, I was looking to talk to support as well, and whilst there's a link to this forum (which is .ORG) at the bottom of every page, support for for .COM is a bit less intuitive to find. I found it by going to their "About" page under "About Musescore" (not Support, which was a link to a bunch of articles). At the bottom of the "About" page was a link to "Improving", which took you to this:
Note that this page is about improving the website, not Musescore Studio.
The link that Hutch provided is the right one for subscriptions, btw. If you are not logged in, it will take you to a login page first, but then, should take you straight to your subscription page.

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