How to jump to specific spots in a score?

• May 18, 2024 - 16:49

It's been a while but you guys have helped me a lot, so I am at it again. I am working on a score that will be about 40 pages long. At page 20, I want the score to jump back and repeat a section beginning on page 4. However, I do not want the score to repeat all the way through to page 20 and pick up where it left off. So, I cannot use just D.S. al coda and Segna symbols. Instead, I want the repeat to begin at page 4 but play only to the last measure on page 9, then immediately jump forward to page 20 and continue to the next measure. In other words, on page 9, I have to add a symbol to immediately jump to page 20 the 2nd time the page is played, but not the first.

Please Help!


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Wow, thanks. That worked perfectly. Now, I regret that I need to challenge you one more time. As I continue the adaptation, I will encounter a third need to repeat a passage, but when the passage repeats, it will need to jump to the third repeat. So, on page 26, I will need to send the score back to page 4 a 3rd time, play to page 9 again, but this time, jump not to page 20 but to the end of page 26. So, I will need to place a 2nd "To Coda" on page 9 right after the first one so that it jumps to page 26, not page 20.

Can I do that?

Section A | Segno | Section B | To Coda | Section C | DS al Coda | Coda | Section D ||

This will play A B C B D. The D.S, on page 20 jumps back to the Segno on page 4, plays until page 9 where the To Coda jumps to page 21.

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Sorry, I am not getting it. On page 20, I place a D.S. al Coda symbol. That sends the song back to the 1st Segno symbol, which I place on page 4. So far, so good.
When the score reaches page 4 and begins playing a repeat again, it reaches page 9. A "To Coda" mark now send it to page 20, where it encounters a "CODA" symbol and plays from that point forward. Still OK.

For the 3rd time around, however, I want page 26 to send the song back to page 4 for a third repeat. However, when it reaches page 9, I want it to jump not to page 20 again, but to page 26.

So, what symbol do I place on page 26 to send it back to page 4, and what do I place on page 9 to send it not to page 20 but to page 26?

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Sorry, those instructions were added before you included your new requirement. (Look at the timestamps. We were literally writing those two posts at the same time. :-)

If I'm understanding correctly, you want it to go like this:

1-3, 4-9, 10-20, 4-9, 21-26, 4-9, 27-end

I can think of a way to make this possible, but it would be HORRIBLE to read. If there are any short repeats anywhere in the stretch from 4-26, it will not work. And if you have any further loops to add, they may well invalidate this. But ...

In the score:
1-3, [begin repeat], 4-9, [begin first volta], 10-20, [end first volta, end repeat], [begin second volta], 21-26, [end second volta, end repeat], [begin third volta], 27-end

In playback:
1-3, [begin repeat], 4-9, [begin first volta], 10-20, [end first volta, end repeat], 4-9, [begin second volta], 21-26, [end second volta, end repeat], 4-9, [begin third volta], 27-end

In other words, pages 1-3 would fall before the repeat begins. 4-9 would be the section to be repeated each time. The first volta (first ending) would encompass pages 10-20, and would return to the start repeat on page 4. The second volta, pages 21-26; it would also return to the start repeat on page 4. The third ending would be open-ended and would simply continue from 27 to the end.

While this is technically correct and would play back correctly (I think!!!), it would be truly nightmarish to read. If you're giving this to live musicians, just stretch it out. (I think I would stretch it out even if it were for only me to play.) Use the one D.S. al Coda to cover the first loop (4-20, 4-9) and then just duplicate the notes: that is copy-paste pages 4-9 after 26, then 27 to the end would fall after that. Yes, this would add five pages to the length of the written score. But that's better than trying to decipher a ten-page-long volta, followed by a five-page-long volta.

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Thank you for the complex set of directions. You are correct. Trying to read the sheet music, turning pages back and forth several times, would be a nightmare. I will take your advice and use the first D.S. al Coda, then just copy and paste the other measures into the correct spots.

I really appreciate your effort. thanks so much.!!!!

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