Repeat certain bars from previous part of a score

• May 20, 2024 - 11:47

I have a score of almost 100 bars. The bars 53 to 69 are identical to bars 5 to 21.
How can I put that in Musescore, so that I avoid rewritting exactly the same content twice?


There us nothing wrong with having the same thing twice in a score. You can select bars 5 to 21, CTRL+C to copy Select bar 69 and CTRL+V to paste.

Or you can use something like a DS al Coda with the Sign at bar 5 and a To Coda at bar 21. with the coda starting wherever you want to go to after that.

See for more information on how to use such jump instructions

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Thank you for the fast reply, and the guidance!
I also just saw your youtube video tutorial about "Repeats & Jumps" with what you just described...
The only thing is that the "Coda" point isn't really the coda of the piece.
And you are right, it should be just fine having a part repeating... rather than making the score also slightly more complex to read. It is supposed to be for an amateur choir...
Thanx again,

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