On note entering workflow, change length after entering?

• May 21, 2024 - 10:12

Hi, it is so very common that while entering notes via keyboard, usually "456" and "abcdefg", after pressing abcdefg I think "oh, should have been a half note" - but other than with pitch, I found no way to quickly correct the note length. Except ctrl+z,6,note. Musescore doesn't support changing length post note-entering or is there something I do not see?


You can double or halve a selected duration with W or Q (respectively.) Unfortunately, you have to leave Note Insert mode to do this, so it may not be any faster.

This is how the normal input mode has been implemented: You select the note duration for the next note(s) and then write it.

You do not necessarily need to press Ctrl+Z. The left arrow also takes you back to the last note you wrote. You can also use the backspace key, which also deletes the note. Then select the new duration and write the note name again.

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