What makes Musescore create a mixer for an instrument

• May 22, 2024 - 20:56

I'm fiddling around with some sound fonts, and I got the samples and sound font to be loaded in and the drum set files even work and show up. but when I click on my instrument it doesn't make a mixer it just makes the notation. If I put my sound font on a premade instrument it works fine. So, I was wondering is the code to make it make a mixer instance for it in the instrument.xml file or in the sound font file, or somewhere else. Thanks


When you say "create a mixer", do you mean, a mixer channel? There is only one mixer for the whole score, but it has channels for every instrument. At least, every instrument created normally. If you hack the MSCZ file by editing it manually in a ZIP/text editor or otherwise do non-standard unsupported things, you can indeed up with instruments that have no mixer channels.

If that's not the case here, please give the steps you are following to add the instrument and attach a score that demonstrates the problem, so we can investigate.

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