Repeated Reinstall Required for MuseScore Studio 4.3.0 on Mac

• May 25, 2024 - 21:22

Background: Since MuseScore 4.0 was released, I kept MuseScore 3.6.2 on my Mac as a fallback.
When MuseScore 4.1 was released, I kept 4.0 installed as well. So on and so forth.

Problem: I recently installed MuseScore Studio 4.3.0. It will not STAY installed on my Mac.

Context: After several hours or by the next day after installing MuseScore Studio 4.3.0, files that I have created or updated with it throw an Open error: stating "This file was saved using a newer version of MuseScore." I then get a pop-up asking me if I want to upgrade to MuseScore Studio 4.3.

Attempted but failed fixes:
I tried deleting previous versions of MuseScore 4 (eventually deleting all of them) by dragging them into the trash, and then emptying the trash, then installing MuseScore Studio 4.3.0. After several hours or the following day, somehow a zombie version of MuseScore 4.0 becomes the active version, and I get the error message and pop-up to upgrade described above. There is no visible trace that MuseScore Studio 4.3.0 existed, even if I leave the app running continuously.

I tried using the "Replace" feature instead of "Keep Both" feature upon (re)installing MuseScore Studio 4.3.0. I still eventually get the same error and pop-up to upgrade.

I tried leaving MuseScore Studio 4.3.0 open overnight. Still when I try to open an existing score last saved with MuseScore Studio 4.3.0, I get the same error and pop-up to upgrade. When I try to open a file from within the STILL RUNNING MuseScore Studio 4.3.0 app, I get the error about being created with a newer version and a pop-up to upgrade.

I can't seem to find a away to prevent previous zombie versions of MuseScore 4 from coming back to life, or delete them completely from my Mac.

I can continue to reinstall MuseScore Studio 4.3.0, but doing this daily is becoming tedious.

Computer info: MacBook Air, M1, 2020
OS info: macOS 14.4.1


Updating to MuseScore Studio 4.3.1seems to have fixed this issue for me. When updating, I selected the option to keep both versions, but I don't know if that's what made the difference.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Updating to 4.3.1 didn't fix the problem.

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