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• May 28, 2024 - 12:41

When trying to make a local time signature MS4 tells me this is not possible if the piece has parts.
How can I eliminate the parts from my score to be able to make local time signatures or what are other ways to do this ? See measure 3 below (Taneyev Op31).
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"How can I eliminate the parts from my score?"
1. Use a free software tool (e.g. 7-Zip) to open the .mscz score.
2. Delete the Excerpts folder.

But using a local time signature is complicated. The Handbook entry is here:

However the handbook does not mention the problem of trying to create a local time signature if there are already notes present in that staff:

In that case you first have to "restore" the original global time signature at the point where you want the local time signature to finish. And then you must delete all notes from the section where you need to apply a local time signature - before you can apply the local time signature:
Empty_section for local time_signature.jpg

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"... is there a way to define a time signature in parenthesis so I can simply add it without adding parenthesis at each occurrence ?"

You can almost achieve the desired result by using the Text property when creating a new time signature for the palette:
Second time signature in parentheses.jpg

But unfortunately the Text field does not respect the use of Space characters, so the two time signatures end up too close together.

If you just want a single time signature in parentheses, it's easy to do:
Single time signature in parentheses.jpg

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