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• May 29, 2024 - 22:14

I am writing a score for classical guitar that has a couple of measures where the notes are mostly harmonic notes on the 12th fret. The issue is there are 3 low C notes that playback fine until I change them to harmonic notes. Once I've changed them to harmonic notes there is no sound at all on playback. here is a screenshot of the section of score I'm referring to:

Measure with Guitar Harmonics.png

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Unfortunately, you are right. I noticed that quite recently. It just seems that the harmonics of all the notes below the C3 (the first C under the staff) have not implemented in the Muse Guitars Vol 1. library.

Very unexpected since it does not correspond to the range of the guitar whose 6th open string begins with an E2!
See this test which testifies to this (I put in red the C3 from where the harmonics begin to work) : harm.mscz

This playback range problem was known for several instruments (see: ), but it seems to me that this problem of guitar harmonics has not yet been reported.

Could you support it on Github?

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Hi cadiz1,

Thank you for your note and for corroborating my findings. I thought that by posting this I was submitting a bug report. Marc Sabatella seems to keep a close eye on these posts, as well. I'm happy to do more to make this a known bug but not really sure what else I need to do. You asked that I post on github. I don't know what that is or anything about it.

Again, thank you for your post,

Peter (petemac1)

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Hi! I don't actually follow this forum that closely these days, but in any case, I also don't do much with development anymore either, focusing more instead on my educational community. To report a bug on GitHub, do a web search for "musescore github issues" and that should get you to the main page. Then just create a free account and you'll be able to click the button to create a new issue. That's how to make the developers aware of a problem once it is confirmed as a real (and not already reported) bug here in the forums.

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Hi Cadiz1. I did get some info on github and I created an account but I really don't see how to report a musescore bug. It is very generous of you to add the bug report - thank you.

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