I just want to watch my piece play on the piano keyboard

• May 30, 2024 - 01:39

I'm so confused... there is this piano keyboard feature (I'm on the latest version) but as my piece plays, nothing shows up in it. I just want to see the notes being pressed on the keyboard live in real time (no ms delay). I know that if I press N I can enter notes and they show up on the piano keyboard, this is not what I want. I also noticed I can click on some notes in my score while paused, and that set of notes will appear on the piano keyboard. Also pretty useless. Is there no way to just watch the piece go by on a piano keyboard in ms4? Ideally there would also be the falling notes like synthesia. This functionality is available in the browser version (but very janky) of MS4 so why is it not working in the actual downloaded software?


If you mean Piano Roll Editor, be advised that Musescore 4 has done away with that feature. There is another version of Musescore called Musescore Evolution (3.7) that retains the Piano Roll.

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