Musescore 2 Beta no longer sets up Balalaika correctly: Musescore-25f25dd nightly did the job correctly.

• Oct 12, 2014 - 13:10

Problems are multiple, below is a summary:

Balalaika E strings in musecore tab setup for 3 strings: pitches do not change when keyboard up/down keys are pressed, however the fret numbers on the 'e' string tabs do change
(Balalaika has two e strings)

Also, when entering an eg. E4 pitch note on the pitch scale itself (I have it above the tab scale) and then using the up/down keys to raise or lower the pitch, the fret number on the tab jumps down to the next e string tab.

After setting up Add > Instruments > Staff 2 > Balalaika 3 strings, pressing OK and then accessing Add > Instruments > Staff 2: again immediately afterward, it still reads STANDARD.... but the 3 string tab does appear.

Yes, when setting up the balalaika 3 tab (that is listed as a preference) I started with classical guitar and made sure the 3 string tab addition was linked. When changing classical guitar to balalaika the treble clef with the 8 at the bottom also needs to be changed for a normal treble cleff.

Long story short, setting up a Balalaika in Musescore 2 Beta has gone awry. I have tried it again and again, thinking the problem to be on my side.

Yes, the balalaika tab that I tried to enter is linked.

After trying this many times, I finally did a factory reset and then attempted again. Same problem. Yes, I have setup right click on Staff > Staff Properties > Edit String data to 3 strings. A4 E4 E4.

Nightly '25f25dd' works perfectly when setting up for balalaika.
The only problem I have is that when I enter a note on the pitched scale and it should appear on an e string tab, it then goes and chooses the centre e string, rather than the bottom one (this is actually a separate issue).

Musecore 2 has gone backwards as far as setting up a Balalaika is concerned.
After trying this many times, I finally did a factory reset and then attempted again. Same problem.

I thought by now 'Prima Balalaika' would be listed in the add instruments setup left hand panel.

Hope you can sort this all out.
I have attached the file created with Muse 2 beta. It is called 20141012test_after_factory...' this is the problem one.

The nightly: '20141011 - balalaika done in nightly 25f25dd that works.mscz


All the balalaikas are there - did you select All instruments?

The generic balaika is also in Ethnic instruments.

I've just added a linked Prima Balaika staff/Tab staff to My first score - everything seems to be working as expected, but then I'm not a balalaika player.

I did have to select Balaika Tab from the stave type menu, but then there are so many tablature variations that I would expect that.

I can't understand why you have used a classical guitar tab?

I think you have slightly misunderstood how to select tab type - it's now done from the Add instruments dialogue.

My test file attached :)

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BalalaikaTest.mscz 2.33 KB

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Yes, it was the tab that expands to 'all instruments' and containing all the balalaikas that I was not aware of.
One other thing:
When adding tremelo to a note, the tremelo stave on the note appears correctly, but it also appears below the tabbed clef (see attachment). Is there anyway to disable the tremelo sign appearing at the very bottom?

You were a great help! Thankyou.

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BalalaikaTest - trem on tab.mscz 2.49 KB

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