move measures ?

• Jun 12, 2024 - 06:53

A score I downloaded was written Verse, Chorus. I want to reverse it to be Chorus, Verse.

I want to move all chorus measures to beginning of score, i.e. say measures 21-30 to be in front of old measure #1, to be followed by old 1-20.

I try Select 21-30, CTRL-X, insert blank new measure in front of old #1, and paste into it
moves 21-30 to beginning alright, BUT also deletes old 1-20.

Must be doing something dumb.

Dick Penny


In reply to by dpenny

It does ... almost. It won't cut out the measures themselves. It cuts most of the notation, but not all. I find when I'm doing something like this that it's best to copy, rather than cut. Then I can identify what (if anything) it did not copy and add that in before I Ctrl+Delete the now-superfluous measures.

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