How to notate a ratchet properly?

• Jun 14, 2024 - 17:00

Here is a ratchet notated in Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker':
Here is the link:

Another link:

I've tried to replicate it in MuseScore:
but the result is rather strange. Besides the ratchet sound, I also got some high-pitched noise that is not part of the ratchet:
What am I doing wrong?


The "rachet" available in MuseScore simply doesn't sound like an actual ratchet. I think they just assigned it (almost?) randomly to some other sound that they thought might be similar. Don't know *shrug*

To get a decent ratchet sound, you'll probably need to a) listen to all the percussion sounds and decide which one sounds most correct to you, or b) find a different soundfont that includes a real ratchet sound. If you are trying a) be sure to try the sound both on its own and with tremolo, which might make it sound more like a real ratchet.

I hope someone will prove me wrong, but I'm afraid they won't. Good luck!!!

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