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• Jun 15, 2024 - 03:33

I recently uploaded a score using a plugin (Spitfire Audio's LABS soft piano) and I don't know if musescore doesn't read the plugin properly or whatever but the audio is all bugged when I post it. The pedal won't work in some places even though I've added pedal markings in the score itself. The weird thing is that it sounds fine in the musescore app (I'm on pc) and the audio is working and the pedal works as it should. As soon as I upload the score onto, however, the pedal starts bugging out all over the place. I uploaded two scores (two versions of one song, both using the same plugin) and they are both not working in different places. Anyway, if any of you know what's happening, or until I can find a solution to it, is there a way to upload an mp3 (not from youtube) to play over the score? That way the score sounds as it should.

Sorry for the huge paragraph of me not explaining clearly. Thanks in advance.

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O.M.C. wrote > ... is there a way to upload an mp3 (not from youtube) to play over the score?

For various reasons I've sometimes resorted to youTube as an audio source for my .com scores. But the overhead involved in generating and posting a video is heavy ..., and wasteful in my opinion.

I hope .com has a vested interest in linking to audio sources from MuseGroup's ... but I don't think that option currently exists.

That said—despite you post being of interest to .org— it's surely an issue to raise over at


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I would not agree that the post is of interest on the site. Certainly it is interesting to some specific individuals (namely, those who also use, but not generally to users.

However, I definitely agree that this is an issue to raise at rather than here. O.M.C, the following links provide information about the difference between the two sites:

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