Can't find insturment

• Jun 19, 2024 - 23:10

I have been trying to make a new score with soprano recorders for something at my school but I can't seem to find the insturment. I've checked the insturment index for 4.3.2 which is the current version I have installed on my computer and the soprano recorder is listed. I have also reinstalled musescore and musehub to no avail. if you know how to fix the issue please let me know.


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Don't bother attaching a screenshot; it usually (!!!) won't help. Instead, attach the score itself (the .MSCZ file).

Also, given that the screenshot shows a "Sopranino Recorder" instead of the the "Soprano Recorder", ...

a) What language does your computer have running? If you are running Windows 11, it will be Control Panel / System / Time & language / Language & region. If you have a different Windows version, it will be in a very similar path, but not necessarily identical. If you are running Linux or Mac, I don't know where it will be.

... and ...

b) What language is MuseScore set to? In 4.2, it's at View / Preferences / General. Again, it will be in a similar, if not the same, place in other versions. If it says anything other than "System default", you probably want to change it to that value. You may also want to click the button labeled Check for language updates (which may demand that you restart).

Finally, for good measure, what version of MuseScore is installed? You can find this at Help / About MuseScore.

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