Share / embed feature not showing any music on score /share window or website

• Jun 22, 2024 - 21:51

My first embed code snippet worked a few days ago. They score with playback was on my site and working beautifully. It's such a great feature - for playback on my website with tempo adjust & following the music etc. BUT, I just tried with a different score (multiple scores actually) and now none of them are working, or even showing up. On my scores page after clicking share / embed, the music just doesn't show (before inserting code on my site). I can copy the link but there is no visual score preview. And after inserting the code snippet on my website, it's the same - no score / music visible. It's just not showing up anywhere. Is anyone else having this issue? Quite a tease having the first one work and now none of them.. It's such a better feature with the playback and tempo adjust than just uploading the pdf. I really hope they can work out the bug here. But I'm sure with the cloud publishing feature being so prominent they'll fix this issue soon. But I assume others may be having a similar issue and wondered if anyone has any recommendations that I could try. Thanks!


I have the same problem with hundreds of practice files. I would bet that this is the result of a very recent change on which relates to the Share options for an individual score. These options have changed and now offer:
Facebook, Pinterest, X, Invite to view, Message, Embed

My guess is that the code to respond to an embedded <iframe> got commented out by mistake. I have reported the problem to, but another report from you would help to get the problem fixed.
Thank you!

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this, but sorry you all are as well. I reached out to support and Rustam followed up with me today asking for a link to my site. I also sent him links to both discussion forums. Maybe it will help you resolve your issue as well. I'll keep you updated on what I hear. Cheers

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