saving issues after update to version 4.3.2

• Jun 24, 2024 - 13:46

I updated Musescore Studio on my laptop last week, and since then I've been having issues with saving files to my local file system.
1 - When I try to save a .mscz file to my laptop's internal storage (e.g. the desktop folder), it doesn't give me any error messages, and it seems fine. However, when I try to access it through my file explorer, the file isn't there. It is visible, however, when I go to Musescore Studio and choose file -> open and navigate to my desktop folder.
2 - When I try to save a .mscz file to an external hard drive, I get the following error message: "Disk H: is write protected. Files can't be saved to a write protected disk." I have not changed the settings for this hard drive, I have always saved my Musescore files to this exact one, and no other software has issues writing to it. It gives me this error message with other external hard drives as well.
These two issues happen the exact same way when I try to export the score to a .pdf and save it that way. This means I can no longer access or print my scores outside of Musescore, and I apparently now have files in my local system that I cannot see, but Musescore can.
What is going on here, and can it be fixed?

System info: HP ProBook, Windows 10 Pro, MuseScore version, revision 22b46f2.


As an experiment, try saving a score to the default Scores folder in Documents>MuseScore4>Scores. Then see if you can see it using File Explorer. As you know, there are access differences between the Desktop and Documents folders. Although if you still can't see the score in Documents, we need to continue to try to find an answer.

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That's just physically impossible.
If you see the file in the desktop folder when browing that folder from MuseScore, you will definitively see it as well when navigating exactly there with File explorer.
Can you post a screen capture of both ?

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I started Musescore to prove that I whitnessed a miracle, a physical impossibility, and I could not find any of my scores from the last 4 days. Not when I searched with Musescore and not when I used File Explorer. So I opened an old score, of which I knew where to find it (as well with File explorer as with MSC) and I saved it with a different name on my desktop. It worked, and I could find it with File explorer as well. And I started this bugreport with 2 issues, so I thought: Maybe the other issue is solved as well, and so it is!

I can now save my scores on an external drive, no problem, and I can find them both with MSC and with File Explorer.

I noticed that when I worked with MSC yesterday and the days before, that the outside of all windows had a green border. Now they don't have that any more, and everything works fine. I restarted the computer yesterday, perhaps MSC needed that to work properly

Everyone who reacted to my report: Thanks, it's nice that people are so kind to offer help


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