Can't fit all the notes I want onto a Bar while maintaining the correct tempo

• Oct 13, 2014 - 17:17

So I'm trying to transcribe a song so that I can convert it to a midi file as I only have the pdf of the sheet music, however I am unable to fit all notes on the treble cleff without ruining the tempo on the bass cleff. Attached is the song I am trying to transcribe/ copy; how would I go about doing this-
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I do realise that my wording is completely wrong, however I am not very experienced in the 'notation field'; what I am trying to say is that the timesignature for the sheet music doesn't allow me to write the notes (all in one bar) that I want to, and when I change it to allow it in the treble cleff e.g. to 30/8, the bass cleff's notes do not 'match up' correctly and musescore chucks in rests to make up for the missing notes.

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Which measure are you having trouble with? That all looks like very simple 4/4 to me - I don't see any measures in 30/8? Did you perhaps upload the wrong file?

It's possible somewhere in the file you meant to upload there might be multiple voices, which I guess could creating the illusion that there are more notes than fit if you don't understand how that is meant to work. See [[nodetitle:Voice]] in the Handbook for information on how to enter that notation. But the file you uploaded doesn't contain any examples of multiple voices that I can see.

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I just entered the notes with the mouse, one measure. And used the beams palette to break the 4 eighth into groups of 2, then copy/paste, and adjust the 4th meaure, and added a line break after measure 4 and a time sig to the 1st note, for which I modigfied the text (but forgot to adjust the BPMs)

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