musescore for transcribing

• Oct 14, 2014 - 19:14

Hi, I usually use Musescore to transcribe jazz solos and the way I like to do it is to learn it by ear, then write down the notes I play, then write the durations. The problem with that is that if I do this all in Musescore and say I wrote everything down in quarter notes then everything that is longer then a quarter note will just delete the notes after it when I extend it and everything that is shorter then it will put rests in which you cant delete so I need to manually shift everything back and replace the notes that get deleted. Is there any way around this?


I've often thought that a scratchpad feature for this kind of thing would be useful, but until someone programs that the best plan is to choose long notes - minims? - to write down your pitches. That way you won't be overwriting so much.

Ideally , of course, you should try to write down rhythm as well as pitch. Not that it is easy of course - I can still remember doing dictation tests from my student days - I'd always end up with lines of manuscript paper just scribbled out!

Realistically, no, there is no way to do this. Even if you wrote all your pitches as half notes, when you shortened them, you'd have all these gaps in them. better to use pencil and paper in the early stages, then enter into MuseScore once you have the rhythms. Or I guess maybe enter pitches into one score, then start a new score and enter the rhythms correctly there.

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