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since the end of Windows XP my father switched to Lubuntu and writes with Musescore (since a few weeks, instead of capella), which he really likes. But there is one file that is not printed properly. All other files he wrote have been printed correctly. Although I can not test it from here (living somewhere else, without printers), I guess the problem is with this file, because everything else prints correctly.

The problem is only with the title on the paper, as you can see here:

This problem is not visible when editing the file with Musescore. Here an (unfinished) version of the file (.mscz):

His system information:
- Relatively modern PC
- OS: Lubuntu 14.04 (up-to-date)
- Musescore 1.3 Rev 5702 (from Lubuntu Repository)

He has never had any printing problems with Lubuntu before. He did not test it (sorry for that) with Musescore 2.0 (He's an "old man", not very tech-savvy, he can't compile things and stuff like that. You can see how he renamed the file...).

It was one of the first files he created with Musescore. Maybe he tried some options and caused this weird... bug(?) or option or whatever it is. I just wondered if there is someone here who knows how to remove it. I hope you can help us.

Thank you.


Better to attach files here than via a link to dropbox...


Are you referring to the upside down title or to the crammed rests in measure 11/12

Apparently this is an excerpt/part of the full score.

I can see the rests issue in the excerpt/part too, it is a result of having used "Add less stretch" too much. Try 'Reset stretch'
I can't reproduce the upside down title though.

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I refer only to the title. Other formation issues happened because in the score, he wanted 3 systems per page (I'm not sure how those musical terms are in english, so what I am writing may sound a bit foolish). On linux there is a bug that the text formations can be only seen after reloading a file (fixed in 2.0), this is why some parts happened to look strange. I already told him that and he is able to format things now.

The title error occurs not only in excerpts, but also in the main score.

The crammed rests are no problem, he know how to fix that. It was just a test print to see whether the title is also bugged in a excerpt of the score.

Now that I think about it, he probably did not try to remove the title and add a new one. I'll ask him to try that.

Thank you for your help.

Your photo image (.jpg) appears to have been generated from a larger multi part score. Also, you have provided a link to the .mscz version of the larger score, rather than the problematic (voice) part.
My suggestion would be to delete the text 'Mendocino' in the voice part to see if that gets rid of the upside down text. If it's ok, save it, then simply re-enter the title.

BTW, I did generate the voice part from your larger score, and the only text problem I noticed was that the words 'Stimme' and 'M. Holm' collided within the title frame. I did not see, nor was I able to print, the upside down 'Mendocino'. (Windows 7)

However, I did notice this:


The score you provided shows 5 instruments, but that 8 parts are listed in menu item: File → Parts.

Regards, and welcome aboard.

Also... measure #11 of the voice part (as in the dropbox .jpg image) could use a bit more stretch - to contain the half (note) rest. See:…

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Thank you for answering.
I'll ask him to create a new title and print it, thanks.

I also recognized that problem with the instruments. Although, I have no idea what exactly that means, what he did there or how we can fix it.

The title error occurs not only in excerpts, but also in the main score. To test this, he printed the excerpt and sent it to me. It looks exacly the same on the main score.

Thank you for your help.

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