Problem in catalan handbook

• Dec 5, 2009 - 11:07

Hi friends

I've a problem in the catalan handbook translation. All works correct but there is no book created for the catalan translation.

I make all the pages without any problem and the translation is pending but, there is no any selectable book in the outline section and i can't make the correct relation between all the pages in the book. All the pages of the book are in the same level and this is not correct.

I think that the problem is that i have no permision to create a book entity for the handbook or the book for the catalan handbook is no created correctly.

Can someone solve the problem?



Hi Carles,

I checked and I confirm there handbook misses the outlines. I will fix this by running a script to outline all the catalan pages in the same way as the English one. In the meantime, there is one page left to translate and that's this one: Simply edit and translate it (don't add a translation bc it's already supposed to be the catalan page as you will see on the edit form).

I'll come back to this topic when it's done. After that we can create a pdf from the whole handbook.

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