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• Oct 18, 2014 - 11:42

I would like to create a plugin to modify the fret positions in tablature staffs for v2.0 (in most cases, based on a notes in a linked clef staff).

I have started going through the plugin development docs/examples.
Below is a suggestion for the code. It would be very helpful if someone could advise if all the properties/methods are supported for v2.0 plugin code.

1. User selects set of notes
2. Specify a user-defined variable for each note to represent the neck position (e.g. 5th position). e.g. by typing this number into a modal/modeless dialog box.
(Is there already an appropriate note variable property I could use for this, or is there an unused "generic" note property (integer) I can use to store this?)
3. Read string tunings values for each string.
4. For each note value, calculate the appropriate fret (the math I can do)
5. Modify existing tab string/fret values in tablature staff.
(6. As an option, also add the position as Roman numeral above clef staff)

Also, could someone suggest a good plugin example with a modeless dialog box, with a (numeric) entry field and a button for "update", i.e. run some code (it would be nice to have this box floating around, select each set of notes, choose a value, and update, as opposed to running the plugin each time...)

Many thanks for any help,


Dear Mike,
sorry for the delay in responding. After a several hours experimenting with plugin development, I put this on hold (a few too many aspects of generating dialog boxes, obtaining selected note attributes, setting tablature, etc.).

If you have a developer who might be interested, I would happily provide any assistance if useful (e.g. ideas for functionality, writing some of the sub-routines).

I think many e-guitarists transposing a piece would like to be able to work through (with only the right-hand free for the computer) and try out various positions for each measure/run (generate tab -> try playing the arranged measure -> revise position -> ...). In the long run, options in a (modeless) dialog box to select the next set of notes (reducing mouse-based selection) would streamline this process.

In any case, how best to proceed in terms of communicating? Post everything here, or a new thread, or direct e-mails?

Regards, MT

The old Encore method of going to the Notes menu, then selecting Make Tab, then the dialog box comes up asking for the lowest fret worked, but it was certainly a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks. A simple make tab button that pops up a dialog box for the lowest fret would work fine I think.

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