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• Dec 6, 2009 - 18:51

Attached please find 2 screen shots.

As you can see I have a self-defined shortcut for a tie.
However, this shortcut does not work although the tie symbol in the note bar works.

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Ctrl+M is the default shortcut for Rehearsal Marks. It works for me.

Ctrl+T also works for me for ties. Of course I had to change the shortcut for "Add Staff Text" first in order to avoid a conflict with that default.

Updates to 2241 today.

Tried Ctrl+T, still no tie, although it shows in the "tie" shortcut in preferences.

Today I removed that shortcut and then accepted. Then tried to re-set that short-cut - Announcement that that shortcut was already assigned.

I removed that reference, re-tried Ctrl+T for "Tie".

All works now.

The only solution I can come up with is that I had set my own Tie shortcut sometime ago, and that place just wrote it in but it was disconnected from any action.



I was so happy about the tie being solved that I didn't check the others.

Well, Shift plus and shift minus do not change the stretch at all.
As you will see from the attached screen shot, this is what is set in the preferences.
I went through the entire preference list and there is no duplication.

Ctrl M has no effect either. Again, I checked the whole pref. for duplicate.

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Thank you.

I tried that.

I changed more to shift+) and less to shift+(. Both were accepted without comment. Stretch brackets is a ping of the prefs.

shift+) had no effect.
shift+( caused the result seen in attachment named Post stretch.
Attachment pre stretch is the bar I started with, post stretch the result.
Change back is a ping of prefs after changing back.

After reapplying the default, no result in any direction.

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On my computer (US keyboard layout) Shift+( is the same as Shift+9. If it is the same for you then that is why Shift+( added intervals a ninth below.

It looks like MuseScore doesn't notice conflicts if they are written differently. For example Shift+9 is the same as Shift+( but MuseScore doesn't notice that there is a conflict when you created the latter.

By the way, if you are selecting a row of measures, it make take repeated measure stretches to notice a difference.

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