Can't adjust palette window size

• Oct 28, 2008 - 22:59

Running 0.9.4 r1207 under Fedora Core 8.

  1. Press F9 to display the palette window
  2. Hover mouse pointer over right edge of palette window, showing the double left-right arrow
  3. Left click and hold, then drag left or right
  4. Window size (width) does not change with the left/right movement of the mouse


This has never happened for me. However, I do notice that I cannot resize it beyond a certain size, so perhaps it is larger on your computer and not letting you resize beyond this for that reason. Do you know at what revision this started happening?

(I believe there was a report of this on Windows as well)

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Here are all the differences (apologies -- I am running a different version on Ubuntu)

Ubuntu 8.04
Musescore version 0.9.3 r1057
Qt version 4.3.4
Resolution 1280x1024

Fedora Core 8
Musescore version 0.9.4 r1207
Qt version 4.4.3
Resolution 1280x1024

I wasn't able to build 0.9.4 r1207 on Ubuntu because it required the later Qt libs, which I had not installed.

My experience with MuseScore on Windows XP matches mbratch's description. The double left-right arrow appears but I can not change the width of the palette window. This has been the case since I first starting using MuseScore in April (version 0.9.2).

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The palette panel on the right side was made unresizable by design. Your change does indeed allow to resize the panel but this does not help much. Whats missing is a geometry manager which rearranges the rows and columns of a palette to make use of the extra space. But resizing may help to work around a bug: when a vertical scroll bar is created by qt due to lack of vertical space, it hides part of the palette.

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If the current panel was made non-resizable by design, why is it resizable on some platforms?

I agree a geometry manager would help with a resizable panel. However, just having something for now is indeed a help because with the fixed panel, some of the items in the window are cropped on the right. I use the resizing so that I can see what those items are more clearly.

So resizing without geometry management is better than no resizing at all, given the current state of things. As you say, to work-around the bug of managing the vertical scroll bar.

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