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• Oct 30, 2014 - 18:58


The latest nightly build seems to have fixed the jumping hairpin problem, but adjusted slurs move around as well, even if the file has been saved from page view.

As saved:


When the file is re-opened:



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Hmm, I just tried and cannot reproduce this. Might be somethng unique to something about your particular score. Can you post the score and step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? Maybe do that before bothering to file an official bug report.

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I too am unable to reproduce from scratch.

Waiting to solve this mystery, some elements for thought.

1) I deleted all the parts and have kept only the first measure of the violin (without the title, tempo indication etc.)

And yet, as you can see on the attached file, if you move the slur (via the mouse or the inspector), then save, reopen, the vertical offset value changes with each new save and reopening. Really disturbing!


2) The only way I found to stabilize this slur, it is to export this measure in XML format, and reopening by Beta1. Then, despite the operations you can do on the position of the slur, the Vertical offset value does not change after saving and reopening.

test xml.mscz

3) Finally, if you export the entire score (Vetter Quartet) in XML format, and then you reopen via the Beta1, there is a crash. It works with a recent Nightly.

I hope I have made a little progress in this research?

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Done. I only found it because the XML inside the MSCZ had a "mag" tag set to 75% and I realized some scaling was going on. I've never used that feature before under Staff Properties, so I experimented. I had assumed the small staves were because of a smaller space value, but not in this case.

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Apparently that 75% scaling is also why the beams on the 16ths and 32nds are spaced badly. I thought maybe that was a style setting like the extra-large dots (which do appear to have been on purpose). So I guess that's another bug. BTW, same thing happens if you use the "small" property instead of the percentage scaling factor.

I'll file that one.

Now that we've identified what triggered the problem in your case, I should also point out in case you weren't aware that scaling individual staves as you have done is not the best way to create a smaller score. Instead, use "Layout / Page Settings / Staff space", which sclaes everything on the page - and is better tested to boot :-) (the individual staff scaling feature was only added a few weeks ago).

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm still having issues with the adjusted slurs jumping, but not as much. I've changed all the staves to 100% and checked "Small Staff". The adjusted slurs are still jumping around upon re-opening. Very strange.

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Still, as in, since updating to a more recent Nightly build that includes the fix? The bug affected *both* the scaling and the "small" setting. So merely changing from scaling to small won't solve the problem. Updating to a more recent build should. If you find it is not, please post the score and steps to reproduce.

BTW, I wasn't suggesitng using the "small" option. I was saying you shouldn't be using *either* of of those options if your goal is simply to get a smaller score. You should be changing the Space setting directly in Layout / Page Settings. This affects all staves simultaneously, and also any other elements not specifically attached to any staff. It's the "correct" way to make a smaller score. Setting individual staff properties should be used only when you need some staves to be a different size than others.

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