Samples from UK's Philharmonia Orchestra available under Creative Commons Licence

• Nov 1, 2014 - 15:48

This looks really interesting :)


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Certainly if we actually used every sample they provide. But I don't have a sense of how many of them we'd need just have something usable. They have something like two dozen samples for each and every pitch. Would including just three or four samples per pitch and sampling on every third or fourth pitch, say, be comparable to what other typical soundfonts do?

I've checked out this site so many times, and I think these samples are great. But there's just one problem. There are NOT enough instrument samples to make a Full Orchestra Library. They don't have Harp Samples, Tuned Percussion Samples, etc. They actually have these missing instrument samples in their Orchestra App. I tried contacting them via e-mail about that, but they NEVER responded to me. Can you guys please figure out this issue?

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