Grace Notes not playing

• Nov 3, 2014 - 20:15

I mean they're in the paper and all but, when I push play, grace notes are not hearing, and I couldn't find a solution in the handbook, I would really apreciate your help.


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Hi I'm using 1.3 ver. Rev. 5702. As for the grace notes; they are 3 semiquavers, each one of different pitch, but none of them produce any sound during the playback. I didn't downloaded the beta version because.... well it's a beta, but if your advice is to install it so ir can solve this situation I'll gladly do it.

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Beta software is for experimenting with primarily. I'd be sticking with 1.3 for "real work" unless you *like* living on the edge.

You don't which *type* of grace ntoes you have added (acciaccatura or appoggiatura). I'm assuming you used appoggiatura - the kind without the slash through them. Those do not playback in 1.3, but they also wouldn't sound the way you probably expect if you call thenm "grace notes". The fast notes you are probably thinking of are acciaccaturas - the kind with the slash through them. And those do play back.

Some standard disclaimers:

It's usually impossible say for sure what might be going on without seeing the score. Posting the score you are having problems with (the actual MSCZ file, not just a picture of it) is always useful when asking for help.

But do keep in mind, MuseScore is intended primarily for notation, not playback. 2.0 might have some improvements over 1.3, but it's still not going to be ideal.

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Yes i will gladly upload my progress with this, but I must say that those notes do hear in every recording of the score I listen to, also if I click on them separately, they do sound. and i'm doing this because I want to play it in synthesia, so I do need the mid file. I could go get a midi but I want a specific tempo, I hope I'm not causing much trouble.

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OK, these are neither acciaccaturas nor appoggiaturas, but rather ornaments, and they should indeed not be written with slashes. So you've enetered them correctly. But as I said, the main purpsoe of MuseScore is not playback but notation, and 1.3 is somewhat limited in playback capabilities. They do playback as you might expect using 2.0 Beta/Nightly builds, so that could be a way of generating the MIDI file.

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