How to Permanently Disable Glissando Text?

• Nov 3, 2014 - 21:07

I write for trombones a LOT and tend to use glisses extensively. Unfortunately, every single one has that annoying "gliss." text over it. I know I can get rid of the text for each individual glissando, but that's extremely tedious. Is there a way I can just turn off glissando text permanently?


Probably not in 1.3, but in 2.0 Beta/Nightly builds, you can select all glissandi (right click one, select / all similar elements) then tuirn off the text in the inspector. Or you can add a text-less gliss to the palette, since palettes are customizable in 2.0.

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2.0 Beta & nightly builds can co-exist with 1.3. So I'd recommend downlaoding the latest Nightly build to experiment with and report any bugs you find (that's an important part of how bugs get sorted out!), but indeed keep using 1.3 for serious work until you are comfortable with the stability of 2.0.

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