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• Dec 14, 2009 - 16:41

Is there a way to copy one or several measures of a score to the clipboard and then to paste those measures into another program as a bitmap image or vector image (.svg)?

In general, what is the best way to use MuseScore for generating small 'pieces' of musical notation which can then be integrated into a larger document such as notes, a book or a manual?

I'm creating a digital version of notes from an instructional session using Microsoft Word and need to add to it short examples consisting of a few measures or a single line of musical notation.




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In MuseScore "File > Save As" (select file type PNG) creates a file that is higher resolution than what you typically see on your screen.

Of course you could increase the zoom in MuseScore to 400% to get about the same resolution but then the music might be too big to fit on your screen when you take the screenshot.

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