no sound no paste syndrome?

• Dec 15, 2009 - 21:07

I start Mscore "Jaunty" 0.9.5 at the end of a Ubuntu Karmic session
There is no sound. I wrtie some notes, and close Mscore, which has to be killed...ans tehn there is 2 "residues" to be seen in system monitor (mscore ans mscore.real), which I kill from the system monitor.

I start again: sound is there, but no paste. I close Mscore, thenI shutdown Ubuntu (who has to kill a residue).
The new Ubuntu session allows a correct Mscore.

I deduce from that that the disparition of sound and the disparition of paste is not due to some actions within Mscore, but probably to events outside Mscore......


Do you have any other applications open that use sound? What applications are they? Are you using JACK or PulseAudio? Could you share a screenshot of Edit > Preferences > I/O tab?

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other application: Skype, in stand-by (I did not checked it). Just now, it sounds, its configuration being pulse (in the 3 fields)

I just opened Musescore, no sound. Configuration tab is attached

I close Musescore, having to kill it, then to kill mscore and mscore-real from system monitor
I close Skype, start Musescore : no sound. Close/kill Musescore.

Now I'll halt Ubuntu, and come back later

Coming back, started Ubuntu without Skype (oddly enough, Thunderbird did not start, it should have) started Musescore no sound, has to be killed

Using the Start Again command of Ubuntu, the session opens with Thunderbird. I start Musescore: Sound and paste work.....and Musescore closes properly.

A detail: I noticed that among the application to be launched at start-up there is "Pulse-Audio Session management"

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