Changing Soundfonts, Simply

• Nov 5, 2014 - 16:36

Hi. I have a problem, because the sound font FluidR3Mono_GM doesn't sound very good. I found a different one I like much more, but I don't know how to change it. I can't give further information then that, seeing as how I'm in a huge hurry. Any questions ask me in the forums.




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Which version of MuseScore?

For 1.3, you go to Display / Synthesizer, and when you click the icon next to the next of the soundfont, it brings up a standard file selection dialog, so you just have to navigate to wherever you downloaded the soundfont in the first place.

For the experimental 2.0 Beta/Nightly builds, it's View / Synthesizer, and the button is labeled "Add". It does not have a file browser but instead shows you the combined contents of the folders you have specified in "Edit / Preferences / Soundfont folders". The first entry is this list is normally MuseScore's own built-in soundfont folder, and that is where FluidR3 lives, so you should not remove that folder from the list. If you did, you need to add it back. Or run "mscore -F" to reset everything to factory settings.

But FWIW, staccato is not an attribute of the soundfont. All sounfonts are capable of playing back staccato. If you add the staccato marking to notes in your score, they should play back that way regardless of which soundfont you use.

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I'm not sure why I even keep asking questions, because literally right after I post them, I figure it out.

Here's the way I did it in 2.0

1. Go to applications/musescore*/show package contents/Resources/Soundfonts.
2. In the sound fonts folder, create a folder*.
3. Drag and drop sound font into folder.
For me, this made the sound font appear in the synth add window.

And about the staccato, it was because I added pedal. xD

And now I use arachno-soundfont. It worked for me using the steps above.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me today, though I realize now that I basically just say OH MY GOD HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! AND I WILL NOT TRY ANYTHING BEFORE I ASK!

Again, Thank you, everyone.


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:-) But be aware, you found the *hard* way. You shouldn't need to be creaitng folders in the application package itself. I mentioned before that MuseScore looks in the places specified by "Edit / Preferences / Soundfont folders". There are two folders in the default list. The first is the one you just added to, but that's MuseScore's own private folder; you shouldn't normally mess it it. It's the *second* folder in the list you should be placing your soundfont in. And this is is in your own home directory. Whatever folder MuseScore is saving your folders to (perhaps /home/yourname/MuseScore2/Scores), go up one level, and you should see in addition to "Scores" there are folders "Images", "Styles", "Plugins", "Templates", and - yes - "Soundfonts". That's where you should be placing your soundfonts.

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Your picture shows you put it it in "Styles", not Soundfonts.

I thought you were talking about an SF2 file. SFZ files are supported in only a limited way, but I think Salamander in particular is supposed to work. These do go in the SFZ folder. But if you want to load one, you have to switch to the Zerberus synth rather than the Fluid synth (see the tabs at the tab of the Synthesizer dialog).

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